Past Events

Snowball Dance

The third annual Snowball Dance was held on Saturday, January 31st in the high school cafeteria from 7-10 PM. The dance was a success, with over 100 students in attendance from grades 7-12. Thanks to all those who attended and everyone who helped with decorating and cleanup.




NHS has adopted a 2 mile stretch of Rt. 522 in front of the SF Elementary School. We pick up trash along that stretch of road twice a year.

Salvation Army - Soup Kitchen

We volunteered at the Salvation Army kitchen in Hagerstown, MD for a day. We first divided up the donated items (sugar, flour, rice and nuts) into bags for the people to take with them. Then for lunch, as the people came in, we were their waiters/waitresses for the day. We served them their meal and drinks. After serving lunch, we cleaned the cafeteria area. It was a great and humbling experience for everyone.

Letters to Santa

Kindergarden students wrote letters to Santa and the members of NHS wrote letters back to the students. Members then made gifts bags for the students with a puzzle book, pencils, stickers and candy canes. We then went to the elementary dressed as elves to deliver the letters and gifts and helped the students read their letters from Santa.